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Maleficent | Complete Collection |2014 by dantetyler Maleficent | Complete Collection |2014 by dantetyler
The movie was visual candy. The "high-goth" or "haute goth" is my favorite realm to play in. 
    She's all about the curve. From her billowing capes to the sinfully razor cut shoulder. Cascading feathers and floor-drug gowns. This character embodies alluring darkness. 

I absolutely love it. I could draw Maleficent inspired gowns for days. 

Enjoy :witch: 
RavenDiablo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Wow!  I must have missed this!   Nice to see so many different dresses for Maleficent.

My favorites (Left to right and down) are 2, 4, & 5

2)  I have always liked off the shoulder dresses and I know #3 is also off the shoulder AND sheer, but I like the sleeves on #2 and still get to see a little leg too.
4)  Much more of a traditional style that fits Maleficent to a tee.   This one would seem like one that SHE most likely would wear.  The collar is the most striking feature and it also has the same sleeves as #2.
5)  Well, well.   It's hot...what can I say, I love the whole outfit.   Mostly because this one has the most revealing (but still staying classy) features.    Love the long gloves.   The shorter dress length is also nice.

You mentioned you could draw Maleficent inspired gowns for days.   How about a nice halter dress?  Something with exaggerated bell sleeves.   Kind of like this:…

Since this halter dress already has the choker, you could easily build on to her 'evil' style head-dress from there.   That collar would go and be replaced with something more spiky like original Sleeping Beauty has.    I could see the sleeves being 3/4 length split exaggerated bell sleeves.    The 3/4 length would allow the whole forearm to be exposed when raised and then the sleeves would hang down.   When the arms are down the sleeves would nearly touch the floor.    The whole dress could benefit from some ornate detailing.

Well, I think that would be enough input on my end.  Take and run with the idea if you like.  Just toss me line if you DO use the idea though.

shadowfangirl12307 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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